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February 18 2008
Harry Husken passed away aged 50....

February 8 2008
NVAFRIENDS: Couple's diamond anniversary surprise in Appleby

"They were there" 
Stories of the members of  Isle of Wight Branch (closed)
76th NVA Branch planned Pilgrimage to Holland....

  Christmas Eve Ceremony at Holten Cemetery

 Music saved my live.....
 The search for a flutist (Normandy Veteran) of the London Symphony Orchestra

  No.89 Redcar and District Branch closed  

76th Branch Chairman  Frank Atkinson passed away

Remembrance Sunday in London
On november 10 and 11 we visited London to join the commemorations on Remembrance Sunday and to meet some friends afterwards in the pub.

RBL Festival of Remembrance
On november the 10th we visited the festival of Remembrance in the Royall Albert Hall. We made some pictures to give a small impression of what was a touching afternoon.
A special video or DVD of the Festival of Remembrance 2007 is available soon. For information: or visit the RBL website at

Oosterbeek Commemoration 2007

Driel: September 22  Commemoration at the Polish Monument,  Polish Square, Plac Polski, in Driel and at the Engineers monument.

Sosabowski Memorial Tour 2007
On September 22 I was invited to join the Sosabowski Memorial Tour, verry well orginised by the Green Sparks, including a Pathfinder dropping near the Drielse dike.

Normandy 2007, Commemorations in Caen, Bayeux and Arromanches le Bains 

Liberation Parade in Wageningen

Commemoration at the Holten War Cemetery 05-04-2007

Canadian Liberators Visit Zutphen 

Oosterbeek 2006
Some pictures of the service on Oosterbeek Cemetery for the 62nd Commemoration of operation Market Garden.

Normandy 2006
This year it was 10 years ago that we went for the first time to Normandy. It was as sunny as then, but not so hot. 
Highlights of this year:
- Commemoration on Bayeux Cemetery
- Service of Surrey Branch in Arromanches
- Somme Battlefield Pipe Band Honorary member of the Surrey Branch 


Holland Tour 2006 Carlisle Branch
The 76th Branch made their Holland Tour 2006 in the first week of May. Lovely weather and an interesting programme made this week a success. The week started with a short service at Oosterbeek Cemetery. 
During the evenings we had entertainment by the Stroodorper band, the 48th Highlanders of Holland Pipes and Drums, the Old Iezer Jazzband and Vera Lynn "life from CD"
Highlight of the week was the presentation of the commemoration medal by the mayor of Zutphen, Mister A. Gerritsen to the veterans who were in Holland during WW2.
We had also a very warm welcome at Camp Bridgehead in Busem. Several men and women made a tour with the jeep through the camp
On the 4th of May we joint the Airgunners in Dronten with the commemoration. 
See all the pictures in the Photo Gallery


Christmas Eve Ceremony at Holten Cemetery
1394 wargraves, 1394 candles: impressive

Remembrance Day in London, November 13, 2005
Fred Vogels of and Harm Kuijper went to London for the Remembrance Concert in the Royal Albert Hall and the Parade at the Cenetaph in London

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