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Linden, Joe

Town : Carlisle, Cumbria
Regiment : A Sqn., 22ND Dragoons, Royal Armoured Corps
Landed in Normandy : Sword Beach, 7-30 AM, D-Day 6TH JUNE 1944
Linden, Joe The first thing I remember of Normandy was being pleased to be on dry land again after the rough Channel crossing. We began the task of Flailing the beach area to clear any mines. After two or three runs up and down the beach we decided to stop and clear some of the barbed wire from the Flail drum. Our tank commander, Cpl Bobby Aird (23) decided to have a look to see if it was ok for one of us to get out, but unfortunately he was shot in the head by a sniper and died soon afterwards. For the next two months we were clearing mines on two fronts during the advance further inland, one lucky escape I had was when the Radar Station was finally taken, I was there looking around and I stood on a wooden step and when I looked again I saw two mines underneath which fortunately did not detonate..... After many trials and tribulations I ended my time in Bielefeld from where I left to go back home to England
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