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Cambray, Ron

Town : Ryde
Regiment : Royal Warwickshire Fusilier's, Private
Landed in Normandy : Sword Beach, June 8 1944
Ron Cambray landed with the Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers on Sword Beach two days after D-Day. "_At first it was disorganised chaos on the beach. Often there was no one around to give orders so you just had to look after yourself as best you could,' he recalled. "Eventually we reassembled and pushed on to Caen" Later in the campaign Ron' s unit was ordered to clear a forest of German paratroopers. "'We came to a large area of open farmland. In the middle was a farmhouse believed to be occupied by the enemy. "We were ordered to advance across open country with fixed bayonets and take the farmhouse. A mate and I went up to the building, pulled aside a shutter and lobbed in a grenade. 'What we didn't know was that the window had been bricked up, and so the grenade came bouncing back. "It exploded just a few feet from where we were crouching. A piece of shrapnel went through my backpack but neither of us sustained a scratch.' Ron' s unit had reached Bremen by the time the war in Europe ended. After the war he worked as a chauffeur in London before retiring to the Island . He lived with his wife in Ryde until his death in October 2003.
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