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Sowerby, Bill

Town : Appleby in Westmoreland, CUMBRIA.
Regiment : Gordon Highlanders
Landed in Normandy : Sword Beach, Arromanches, D-Day +1, 7TH JUNE 1944
Sowerby, Bill "I volunteered for the army at the age of 17. After four weeks of initially training and 8 weeks warfare training with the regiment, including manoeuvres, night training, map reading and basic survival I fought in the Normandy campaign aged 18. We wore a khaki tunic, khaki trousers with spats round the ankle to stop them getting caught, a great coat, tin helmet and hobnailed boots. We kept our hand grenades in pouches in the tunic. There was no belted ammunition, it was carried on top of the gun. We walked everywhere, we had no transporters. We didn't have luxuries like a sleeping bag. You had a ground sheet that was weatherproof and you put it over your shoulder like a cape.
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