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Normandy Veterans' Association

The Normandy Veterans' Association was launched in Britain in April 1981. It was the idea of Arthur Flodman who had landed in Normandy with the Durham Light Infantry. He lived in the Grimsby area and put a paragraph in the local area newspaper which invited local veterans of the Normandy campaign to attend a meeting. That first meeting attracted twenty nine participants. By 1985 Flodman decided to form a national association. At that time there were thirty five branches in the country. The first national president was Flodman's former commanding officer, General John Mogg. Arthur Flodman died a few weeks later.

The aims of the association are to:
  • encourage the 1944 spirit of comradeship irrespective of rank or social position
  • promote contacts between former comrades via branch meetings, reunions etc.
  • organise visits
  • give practical assistance to members and their dependents who are in need
  • inform the younger generation of the times and past deeds of their forebears for the benefit of their country.
By the mid 1990's the NVA had over 102 branches, not only in Britain, but in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Belgium and France. Each local branch organises it's own affairs and visits to Normandy. The branches send annual levies, according to the number of members, to the National Council which meets three times a year. The National Council offices are in South Humberside (the area from which Arthur Flodman began the NVA). from "Comrades in Arms" by Keith Farley