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100 Euros for each Veteran coming to Normandy 70

ARROMANCHES has 100 Euros TO GIVE TO EACH VETERAN coming to the Normandie 70 commemorations - PLEASE SHARE SO THEY KNOW.....Hard at work here in Arromanches Normandy on the 6th June 6pm British parade organisation. We have a Veterans welcome tent being run by crew from HMS Bulwark, supplying tea and buns for veterans in a Lyons Tea-Room oasis of calm, 2 Air Ambulances, 10 other Ambulances, 20 young student nurses volunteer helpers to make sure the Veterans are OK. ALSO 5OO Umbrellas in stock just in case. BEST OF ALL.....ANY veterans in Normandy can drop into the Arromanches Tourist Office or Museum from the 1st June onwards, and pick up their FREE VETERANS CHEQUE BOOK , which has 10 x 10 cheques that they can use at any of the shops, bars and restaurants in Arromanches while they are in town - 6th June included. Cheques are valid to the end of the year, but must be accompanied by a Veteran. SO....visit Arromanches, go to the Tourist Office or Museum and COLLECT 100 OF CHEQUES for use in ANY of the shops bars and restaurants in Arromanches. No Joke ! Arromanches wants to help the Veterans. Cllr Adrian Cox & Dept Mayor Marcel Bastide, Mairie d'Arromanches , mairiearromanches@wanadoo.fr PLEASE SHARE so word gets around.
100 Euros for each Veteran coming to Normandy 70
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