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I return to Sword to remember of times long ago
I see the faces of the troops on board
The fear on their faces didnít show
No joking now itís not the time
After months of training this is the day
To show what British forces can do
I stand here looking at the sand
I feel a tear fall from my eye
It was some 70 years ago we brought brave men here to die
The mines and barbed wire all has gone
Seems so peaceful now, many had never been to France
They had to get off  the  beach
But they knew they had no choice
It would be a game of chance
As the ramp came down the officer shouts lets go
The machine guns rattled one man falls
No one stops to help
They had to leave him and push  him over the side
The orders were dead men cannot fight
So get on with the task you are given
The sooner you get off the beach
You have a better chance of living
The sands look cleaner now
The sea has washed all the blood away
Now the memories still come back
But so many young men passed away
I  wonder  if  peoples  memory has faded
Except for the veterans who were there
Comradeship is a great thing to remember
Of all your pals long past

Written by Brian Bignell a  Sword Survivor

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