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2014 will mark the 70th anniversary of D Day and will also signal the end of the Normandy Veterans Association (NVA) which will be dissolved later that year.   But before the Association fades into history they want to create a permanent record of the testimonies of as many Normandy Veterans as possible for UK archives and heritage, surviving veterans in their final years and as an educational resource for current and future generations.

The project, which has already begun, is to produce a DVD box set containing, in their own words, a reflective record by all Normandy Veterans who want to take part, of their personal experiences during the Normandy Campaign.  I am sure you will agree that it is very important to record these final stories of heroism and personal sacrifice before it is too late. 

June 1944 saw some of the fiercest fighting of the Second World War and saw some of the most heroic acts of bravery and courage ever seen.   The sheer valour of those men who landed on the beaches of Normandy on that wet and windy morning of 6 June 1944, and the days soon after, changed the course of world history and ensured that the freedom which we still enjoy today returned to the people of Europe.

So may I ask you on behalf of George Batts, the National Secretary of the NVA and all surviving Normandy Veterans if you can help with this vitally important project?
First are you or do you know of a Normandy Veteran who would like to take part in the project by giving an interview to be included in the archive?
Second can you help financially?   We estimate that the whole production (i.e. filming in the UK and Normandy, editing and post production costs) will cost in the region of 45,000.  So all contributions will be important in ensuring that the project succeeds and is completed by June 2014.

You can contribute in any of the following ways:-

By PayPal on www.backtonormandy.org 
By bank direct payment to Nat West account number 48090379; sort code: 60-60-08; account name: Normandy Veterans Association Overlord Productions.

I hope that you will feel able to help us ensure that the remarkable and important stories of the extraordinary men who took part in the Normandy Campaign in 1944 do not remain unheard or untold.   And that their memories will be preserved for ever.

Many thanks

Alastair Dutch OBE (alastairdutch@yahoo.co.uk)
Associate Member
Normandy Veterans Association



NVA DVD Project
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