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My name is Robert Taylor and I am making a documentary of the local history of the town of Newbury and West Berkshire, I am writing to enquire if there is anyone with any experience or interest in the local history, or indeed with any great knowledge of the area as it was during the second world war. The subject of the documentary is how local people and areas can effect global events. The area of Newbury was significant to the D-day landings, much of the US 101st Airborne division was based and trained near-by and the British 9th Paratrooper division trained for a special mission attacking the Merville battery very close by in a place called Inkpen. I am wondering if anyone linked with these divisions would be in contact with the NVA or if you have contact with someone who was a British paratrooper of any division that would be kind enough to agree to an interview.

The documentary very much an honest appreciation of the events and people of the time, we have good access with published authors to get the history of the area on film, however we would love to add depth by adding some people who were there during the war who can add so much and a real face to the story. I am working closely with my Dad on the documentary and it is an unfunded film unfortunately, however we are putting a lot of effort putting it together and want to tell the story in the best and most honest light.

Any help will be greatly appreciated and you would have access to, and a credit on the, final film. Any advice that you have interns of being able find anyone linked with the divisions would be a big help to us.

Thank you,

Robert Taylor

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