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Tom Nicholls passed away


"It is with regret that we learned one of our colleagues and friends Tom Nicholls passed away on the 6th July 2010 after a very long illness. Tom as many know was a very active member of the Normandy Veterans Association, Market Garden Veterans Association, Royal British Legion, and ex. Royal Marine, May we extend our heartfelt condolences to all family members and friends at this difficult time.
Although all death is bound to bring shock and sorrow whenever the ties of love and friendship are involved. Those who feel deeply will grieve deeply. No philosophy or religion ever taught can prevent this wholly natural reaction of the human heart.
Whatever relationships and enterprises death breaks in upon, we can be sure that those whom we have lost are finally and eternally at peace. And whatever length of time we have had a friend, we always remain grateful for his having lived and for our having known him in the full richness of his personality.
Nothing now can detract from the joy and beauty that we shared with dear Tom; nothing can possibly affect the happiness and depth of experience that he himself knew, of the Normandy evacuation(s). What has been, has been - forever. The past, with all it's meaning, is sacred and secure. Our love for him and his love for us, his family and friends, cannot be altered by time or circumstance.
We rejoice that Tom was and is a part of our lives. His influence endures in the unending consequences flowing from his character and deeds; it endures in our own acts and thoughts. We shall remember him as a living, vital presence. That memory will bring refreshment to our hearts and strengthen us in times of trouble. These are reflections that we treasure; for there can never be too much friendship in the world, too much human warmth, too much love.
May Tom now Rest in Eternal Peace.  Amen
Fr. David Bennett (Chaplain) to the Federation of Birmingham Ex-Service Associations, National Service Veterans Association, and the Nautical club, Birmingham,
Funeral at Yardley crematorium, Friday, 16th. July 2010. 1230hrs. for 1300hrs. ceremony.
then to the Ivy leaf club, Coventy Road, Sheldon.


Tom Nicholls passed away
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